Sawyer Baird 2018


With everyday that goes by we change, we evolve, and we grow. 
2017 was a year of growth for me. It was a year of learning more about myself as quickly as one possibly can. What I thought would be an easy rebrand refresher last year wasn't. It was something that was constantly changing as I grew while figuring out who I was as an independent woman. It took time to figure out what my heart was inspired by, it was a time of re-finding myself in a new chapter. I was finding the light inside the tunnel, getting back to the basics of what made me want to be a photographer, and digging deep within my soul for myself. After many filled journals, runs with the sunset - or even in the rain, nights with the record player on + a glass of red wine in hand,  or chatting with my grandfather about life and the important things, I came to happy place - I place where I know who I am today. 

I photograph with film for a reason, it allows me to be timeless.
It allows me to be an artist and not just a photographer. 
It allows me to truly be in the moment with every single frame.

I'm not the same girl I was years ago.
I am not the same photographer I was years ago.
I am not the same artist I was years ago.

I am a woman today.
I am a photographer capturing meaningful moments.
I am an artist creating with the intention of telling stories.
I am embracing what makes my heart flutter.
I hope it makes yours flutter a little too.

I've never felt truly as inspired as I do today - it's a beautiful thing.
Photographs are so powerful + I am so thankful to capture them in a gracious manner.

Images via mood board sourced from Pinterest.
Bottom Black + White image by KT Merry for Damsel In Dior
The Morton via Conduit Studio
Color Swatch via Colors From The Past
Middle Black + White Image By California by Elliott Erwitt,  in 1955