I am a  destination wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of Atlanta & Brooklyn.
While these two places are home to me you can find me traveling up and down the east coast (big heart for charleston, boston, and cape cod area), sometimes the west coast too, and jet setting off to a new place over seas when I get the chance. 

While I was raised in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia  I quickly fell in love with the city down the street, Atlanta. There is something about having hustle and bustle in the everyday and allowing myself to escape to the country when I need to that brings so much peace to my soul.
After high school I found myself at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Here I discovered my love for film photography and design. I photograph all of my weddings with medium format film cameras, 35mm film cameras, and digital cameras in the evening for those super fun dancing photos that allow us to relive it all. 
My approach to weddings is with an artistic,  fine art, and yet documentary approach. I strive to preserve timeless moments and timeless memories for you & your family for years to come.  


>  K I N D    W O R D S  <

F U N   F A C T S  :

• I am a savory person. I would eat salsa over ice cream any day. 
• Breakfast was made to eat in the afternoon, honestly. 
• I am a total cat lady. My dog thinks he is a cat, so it is all good over here. 
• Good design & aesthetics make me happy.
• Historic cities make me very very happy, too.
• My favorite color is white. 
• I dream about owning a sail boat and living near the water...

•  The 90s pandora station is  always playing. 
• If the TV is on then Jimmy Fallon is on... I watch The Tonight Show daily. 
• As I get older the more I love to cook and listen to jazz with a glass of red wine in hand.
• Good coffee warms my heart. Stumptown's original blend is one of my favs.
• Tequila and Tonic, let's grab a drink!
• Going to Greece and island hoping for a couple weeks is on my bucket list. 

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